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Vision Helpers® 

VISION HELPERS  - Serial #  77209748 

LOGO DESIGN - Serial #  3381419 

Vision Helpers® latest product was designed for the Smart Eyewear industry, and it works on all LCD screens.

It is so important to keep your Smart Eyewear and LCD screens spot-less free so your views look the best, and so we recommend to use Vision Helpers®. 

Vision Helpers® are technology independent and work on all Smart Eyewear and LCD devices. 

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Technology Air Time

  • What is Technology Air Time™ ? 
  • Technology Air Time™ is defined as the delays waiting on your computer. 
  • Technology Air Time™ is the time when you are waiting on the technology, or the technology is waiting on you. 
  • When we use a mouse or touch device, the technology waits on us when are hands are in the air, hence air time. 
  • When our computer is old and outdated, we are always waiting on the technology, hence air time. 

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  • American Driven™ was founded by people that love Autonomous Cars! We are dedicated to autonomous cars that are capable of sensing its environment and moving safely with little or no human input. 
  • The day will come in our life-time when cars will drive without people controlling them and there will be no accidents. 

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PreOwned BUY



The PreOwned Buy Team is made up of a group of business minded people from around the US.


The PreOwned Buy Team are Engineers and Technicians that have worked on all the equipment that we sell, so buyers can be assured every product has been cleaned, inspected, software updated and new manual printed.


Every product the  PreOwned Buy Team sells comes with life-time support so the buyer can get support. 

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Empathy Reality

The Team at Empathy Reality thinks using virtual reality to teach empathy is going to be a whole industry in itself. 

When it comes to persons with disabilities, there are so many products developed that don’t even take persons with special needs into consideration.   

Using  Empathy Reality every designer can learn what it is like to need special  accommodations. 

We think Every engineer and designer needs to put on a VR headset and experience what it’s like to be blind,  deaf or have other disabilities .